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julie gavras


In a romantic comedy, a man and a woman love each other but can agree about nothing. Despite the power of their feelings, the couple breaks up to get together more happily later on. This is what happens to Adam and Mary. But Adam and Mary aren't the usual twenty or thirty year olds that feature in such stories; they're approaching sixty. This elegant and dynamic sixty of our era. The one that brilliantly manages children, grandchildren, work and friends with their associated worries and joys. Everything is going along just fine until Adam and Mary realize that they are now part of the "senior" set... to their great amazement. They react to this news in a totally childish way. Adam is frenetic, throwing himself into work and deep into denial. He undergoes a mid-life "youth" crisis. As for Mary, she decides to deal with the situation by doing what she does best, which is to say, taking care of her husband and family. But her desire to do everything just right pushes her to extremes, and her excessive "preparations for old age" concern her adult children. A clash becomes inevitable and a separation unavoidable. Children, grandchildren, parents, and friends will all try to bring the couple back together. However, life will finally be the great healer.


Julie Gavras, Olivier Dazat


Isabella Rosselini, William Hurt


Les films du Worso, The Bureau, Gaumont, Be-Films

Financial partners

PROCIREP-ANGOA, Média (Slate Funding),

U Films, 121 Audiovisuel

French distribution and sales

Gaumont Distribution


Canal +, Cinécinéma


Comedy, drama, romance


Release date

July 13th, 2011

Running time

88 min

Festivals and distinctions

  • Berlinale 2011 - Gala Selection

  • Durban international film festival (Afrique du Sud) - Official selection

  • Cabourg film festival

  • Mumbai international film festival

  • Istanbul film festival

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