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At the place called “L’Orée du Bois,” Clara and her father, a photographer with tired eyes, await Marianne’s return. Mother and companion, she has mysteriously disappeared. In the sky overhead, a cloud passes.
In a nearby town, the world disappears in front of Simon’s eyes, becoming black for an instant. Then his memory clouds over.
Soon, in a field, Clara will discover Simon staggering from his wrecked car after an accident. They’ll fall in love. A little later, before all the characters are reunited, the cloud will fill L’Orée du Bois, to separate again for a moment, by its impenetrability, people and things.

Produced by 

Worso films


Atlan Films

Le Fresnoy

Financial partners

Canal + and Cinema, the Aquitaine Cofinova region,  Cinemage, CNC (Advance on receipts)


Sebastien Betbeder


Nathalie Boutefeu, Adrien Michaux, Bruno Sermonne, Aurore Clément

French release

September 19th, 2007

French distribution

Bodega Movies


Canal +, Cinema

International sales

Wide Management 

Festivals and Awards

  • Emergences - rewarded

  • Angers Film Festival

  • Locarno Festival

  • Lecce Festival

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