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At the place called “L’Orée du Bois,” Clara and her father, a photographer with tired eyes, await Marianne’s return. Mother and companion, she has mysteriously disappeared. In the sky overhead, a cloud passes.
In a nearby town, the world disappears in front of Simon’s eyes, becoming black for an instant. Then his memory clouds over.
Soon, in a field, Clara will discover Simon staggering from his wrecked car after an accident. They’ll fall in love. A little later, before all the characters are reunited, the cloud will fill L’Orée du Bois, to separate again for a moment, by its impenetrability, people and things.

Produit par 

Les films du Worso


Atlan Films

Le Fresnoy

Partenaires financiers

Canal + et Cinécinéma, la région Aquitaine Cofinova, Cinémage, CNC (Avance sur recettes)


Sébastien Betbeder


Nathalie Boutefeu, Adrien Michaux, Bruno Sermonne, Aurore Clément

French release

September 19th, 2007

French distribution

Bodega Films


Canal +, Cinécinéma

International sales

Wide Management 

Festivals et récompenses

  • Emergences - rewarded

  • Angers Film Festival

  • Locarno Festival

  • Lecce Festival