hakim zouhani, yassine qnia, carine may, mourad boudaoud



Steve is well into his twenties. This evening, he has to replace his father, guard of the municipal swimming pool. Everything goes according to plan, until the young man hears unusual noises.

Financial Partners

France TV, PROCIREP-ANGOA, CNC (Fond Image de la diversité)

Mourad Boudaoud, Carine May, Yasine Qnia et Hakim Zouhani


Steve Tientcheu, David Istifan, Samuel Istifan, Salomon Istifan, Marcel Mendy, Smaïl Chaalane



Run time

14 min

Festivals and awards

  • Clermont-Ferrand Festival - Special Jury Prize

  • Sciences Po Cinema Week - Young European Cinema Festival - Bronze Fox Award

  • Panorama of French cinema in China

  • Francophone Film Festival in Vienna

  • My FrenchFilmFestival

  • French Cinema Week in Berlin

  • Aix-en-Provence short film festival

  • Unifrance Award - Short film selection

  • French Spring in Ukraine