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Nina and Lizzy. Two girls. Two ordinary girls. Both 19.
The encounter of two ordinary girls who are a little fragile, different.
When they first meet, they immediately sense how much they share in common. Together, they are strong, euphoric.
Luck hasn't been on their side; they have no money, all they've got are their dreams.
Two girls looking for love.
And with each passing moment, each encounter, the doors of the world to which they don't possess the keys close a little more.
With nothing in your pockets, you won't get far - or you'll go absolutely too far.


Les films du Worso

Emaël Films


Financial partners

Sofica Europacorp, Département Charente Maritime, Région Poitou-Charentes, CNC (Avance sur recettes)


Patrick Grandperret, Frederique Moreau


Celine Sallette, Hande Kodja, Gianni Giardinelli

French release

June 28, 2006

French distribution

Pan-European Edition


International sales

Canal +, Cinema

Wild Bunch

Festivals and awards

  • Cannes Festival - Un Certain Regard - Prix du Président du Jury

  • Munich International Film Festival

  • Rendez-vous With French Cinema Today in New York

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