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Françoise Dolto, the desire to live
Serge Le Peron



In the aftermath of the Second World War, Claude (10 years old), son of communist resistance fighters whose mother died in Auschwitz and Ben (14 years old), child of a prostitute and a Jewish mobster, confront, with Françoise Dolto , the demons that haunt them. They meet thanks to her, become friends, live together an exceptional adventure, then separate to know opposite trajectories. We witness through these two cases treated, but also those of other children in great difficulty, the daily work of an exceptional doctor, inventor of a discipline: psychoanalysis for children.

Produced by

Worso films, Between Dog and Wolf, RTBF

Distribution and sales

TF1 International

TF1 audience

Financial partners

CNC, Procirep-Angoa, TSR, Tax Shelter ING Invest, Tax Shelter, Tax Shelter Federal Government of Belgium, Belgian Film and Audiovisual Center, Walloon cable distributors, Nathalie Witvrouwen

7.3 million viewers / 29.5% audience share

Frederique Moreau,  Serge Le Peron


Josiane Balasko, Florence Pernel, Maxime Berger, Milan Argaud

1st Broadcast

October 20, 2008


96 mins



Festivals and Awards

  • Audiovisual Laurels - Interpretation Prize for Josiane Balasko

  • La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival 

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