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Gabriel Aghion

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Doctor and mayor of Saint-Laurent, Jacques has more and more difficulty protecting his constituents from the desertification of their village. But the day the single class must close, he can only resign himself to the improbable solution imposed by the prefecture, to accommodate refugees and their children.
The inhabitants tear each other apart, some enthusiastic, others hostile to the guests of their mayor. But living alongside Hassan, Yana or Nassim gradually changes mentalities... Until Jacques discovers that a couple of these refugees are in fact illegal...

Produced by

Story TV

Worso films

France Televisions

Financial partners

CNC (Cosip)

New Aquitaine region

Charente-Maritime department


Pauline Rocafull, Christel Gonnard


Clementine Celarie,  Sam Karman,  Samuel Jouy

1st Broadcast

November 26, 2019


90 mins


France 3

Festivals and Awards

  • La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival

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