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They stole my adolescence
Alain Guiraudie




In the 1960s, Evelyne, a 14-year-old teenager, despite herself, becomes her mother's confidante who uses her as a pretext for romantic dates with a work colleague.


Evelyne takes this secret very hard because she loves her father and her 12-year-old younger sister. One day, the mother leaves her husband and her two daughters. Evelyne, feeling guilty, tries to convince her to come back home. In vain... Evelyne then takes, at the request of her father, the material organization of daily life. But after the long holidays, the father abandons them in turn to live with a woman!


The two underage girls find themselves left to fend for themselves in the family pavilion, deserted by both parents... Sometimes demoralized, worried about being discovered by the DASS, Evelyne nevertheless pursues a goal: to get her sister to obtain the BEPC , then real passport for hiring.


They stole my adolescence from me is the story of two years of life between parentheses.

Alain Guiraudie


Régis Romele, Laure Calamy, Penelope Biessy, 
Chivaun Corney




52 mins

Produced by

Worso films

Financial partners

CNC, France 3 (Collection "it's our story"

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